Magical Island of Pasman | Croatia

   As summer was ending, I decided to visit the Island of Pasman one last time. It is located on the Croatian coast, right next to the city of Zadar. Pasman has a special place in my heart since my father was born there, and I spent a lot of time there during my childhood. It has no big shops or supermarkets, and it certainly does not have a lot of people.

In September, just when everyone went back to school, job or whatever people do, I decided it was the perfect time to visit the, now empty, Pasman. As the summer was ending, my first thought was spending the whole day at beach, but  that wasn't such a good idea after all, since I left the beautiful place with red face. Skin from my nose was still recovering a week later.
But, less talk more action. Here are some pics from my  Instagram that will hopefully bring Pasman into your homes.

Oh, have I mentioned the untouched nature, and hills perfect for runners?

Tom, xoxo

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