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Hey, there springishmes ❀ ✿. For today's post I decided to do something a bit different. You see, last Friday I visited Istrakon, which is a comicconish-like based event in Istria, Croatia, and I had a great time. Unfortunately, I only stayed for a few hours since I had other plans, but it was enough for me to discover some pretty amazing artists and meet new people. 

Istrakon has a different theme every year, and this one, it was 'Mystical Scandinavia'. As you can see, the place was amazingly decorated. I was so impressed by this dragon I had to find out who made it, and in that I succeeded, so shoutout to Rajic family. 

I was also very surprised by how popular the event is. Before I visited, I was under the impression that there were only going to be a few people from outside of Istria, but there were people from the whole region, and I just love how these things actually bring people together. 
Also, Istrakon is an annual event, so if you're somewhere in southern Europe this time next year, and you like Sci-Fi, Fantasy and these kind of things, you should definitely visit. 

What I also LOVED was that there were people selling their jewelry, paintings, and other artsy stuff (that's very precise). Something that caught my eye were these perfect black necklaces from Brocade Budoir. I mean, how can you not love them? I like how they look a bit goth but also very high street fashion. My only wish is that they also made them in other colours, such as white and gold combination for more summerish looks, maybe, but, honestly, I think these would also work with white and nude combinations as well. I also found out that the same brand makes flower crowns which, again, look just incredible. 

These would be perfect for boho inspired spring/summer ootd, and, to me, they look very chic and girl-gone-dark at the same time. But also, I think they can look very fun with right 'summer vibes' outfits. Plus, these accessories are so affordable! I actually met the woman who is the mastermind behind these, and she was really lovely, and gave me the permission to take photos and mention her here. So, if you like these, check out her Facebook page and Etsy, where she also sells some fierce looking dresses.

This is all for today's post, I hope you enjoyed it, and make me know if you liked it. I don't know if you guys like these fantasy conventions, but it was for sure a nice experience for me, and I'm so happy I discovered these lovely necklaces, and met some really nice people. Stay springish. XO, Tom.

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