Hello, lovely springishmes ✿ ! How springish are you today? It's been raining for the past couple of days, but finally the sun showed up and it's all better now. If you read my blog, you probably know that I had a casting last week. So, how did it go? Well, I got rejected, but the feedback was great. I know this sounds so stupid but stay with me. Among the judges were models Kristina Salinovic and Marko Lovric, and let me tell you, both of them are so perfect, I was a bit ashamed for even coming. However, they were really nice to me and I loved talking to them. They liked my face, but thought I needed to work on my walk. What they suggested was to practice my walk and come back next year which I will probably do. Some of you maybe think they had to say that just to make me feel less sad or something, but I really think they were being honest (they told some people they would never succeed in Paris - a bit harsh, but honest).
 Back to the post! This weeks OOTD includes a white red striped t-shirt from H&M. It's oversized and I can't remember if it was supposed to be like that or I just bought it bigger on purpose, but it doesn't really matter, does it? I love me some oversized clothing. I paired it with high waisted jeans which are not really skinny, but they are not really loose either. I can't really explain it, but you can see it for yourself in photos.
 I also wore my dark red Converse All Star sneakers, and beige jacket from David Beckham Essentials collection. 

This post was is bit short, but I promise you, after finals, a lot more is coming! And as you can see, I am not at all depressed that I got rejected, and don't feel sorry for me. After all, it was my first casting ever! I'm just really happy I got feedback and as Kristina Salinovic told me 'You're only 17!'. Thank you for reading, more posts coming soon. Stay springish, xo Tom.
P.s. You probably noticed my absence from Instagram last couple of weeks, my phone was broken.

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  1. Amazing outfit,i really love it! :)

    I'm following you on Bloglovin :)