Hey, there, you springishme!❀✿ I know it's been a while, but I'm back as springish as ever! It's been a hot summer, and it's still pretty warm in Croatia for early Autumn. However, I can't stand dressing light and summerish for more than five months, so my first Autumn Lookbook is here. Let me tell you something, I live in a city by the sea, and even though it's already October, people still go to the beach. But, because I go to school (senior!) in a different town, not by the sea, I also experience quite lower temperatures at the same time and it's NO fun. I got sick last weekend due to big temperature changes, it was more of a bad cold than an actual sickness, but I still hated it so bad. 

Anyways, let's move on to the outfit. As you already read, it's titled Much Better and that's because of this gorgeous white pullover from Pull&Bear. I think it's from their Autumn/Winter collection and they still had it online the other day, so if you like it, check out their online shop.

I don't really wanna write about other garments from the shooting just yet, because I believe this faux suede jacked deserves its own post, but I am gonna mention the black skinny jeans from Bershka which are really warm, and they fit really good. I like how they are skinny but not too much, and also the waist size fits me perfectly. I know many guys have this problem with waist sizes that are just too big for them and they can't find skinny enough jeans, so if you're one of them or if you know any guys with these problems, Bershka, Zara and Pull&Bear are places for them. 

 Besides the jacket, and black skinny jeans, this white pullover fits perfectly with blues, and actually many other colours. But I would mostly recommend blue and orange tones and neutrals which are perfect for this fall. These jeans are from H&M, and originally, they weren't ripped, but i didn't like the way they fit me so I decided to rip the knee parts and also cut down the edges, but that is not visible here. It was just to make them more special and these details are often good to distract if the fit is not perfect. They may not be completely wearable, but are perfect for the shootings.

Again, I have to thank my friend Samanta (follow her Instagram; @samiii___4) for the photos and for having the nerves to handle me and my modelling skills.

Hopefully, it will get just a bit colder soon, so I'll be able to rock my camel coat and Chelsea boots again. More photos from the shooting, behind the scenes and maybe even a giweavay will be posted on my instagram account so make sure you're following me @thomaswestmaccot . Let me know if you liked this post, and stay tuned for more, because 'The Jacket' is coming up next Saturday. Stay springish, xoxo ❀ ✿

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