Hey, lovely springishmes! I had this shooting in April, and I've already shared some shots on my Instagram, and Facebook page, and some of you maybe saw the short editorial-like video I made, but let's pretend I'm the type of guy who does everything on time and all that stuff. 
The shooting took place on a beach, and of course, people were looking at me and my photographer (p.s. add her on Instagram @samantaduvnjak) and most probably thinking: why the hell is this guy in sea in April? It was, like, really hot and don't judge me. Also, this was the only time I could take photos on the beach without it being crowded with tourists.
Plus, can we just take a moment to appreciate how I'm kind of getting my summer beach body? I mean, I still have a long way to go, but this is far from what I looked like a year ago.

The light blues shorts are from H&M, the white ones are from Gate, and the Pineapple and flower print ones are from C&A. 
Does anyone have any recommendations for some new swimwear? It's always such a problem for me to find the ones that I like, because they are usually either too long or tacky. For this summer, my task is to find yellow ones, I don't know, I feel like yellow is going to be all over the place this summer. Feel free to send me suggestions.
So, I guess this is it? Yeah, well it is. This was a short one, but a longer one is coming later this week.
'Til the next time, xoxo
Tom Westmaccot.

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